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Show room

A lot of the old and aged building material is on display in our many show rooms.

In the “home show room” and the other show room “t schuurke” there are various floors on display, as well as a fully fitted kitchen, an installed bathroom, cast iron radiators, …

A lot of the floor varieties (terracotta, natural stone, …) are not presented on panels but indeed “on the floor” to enable the visitors to get a realistic view and feel of the end result.  And of course this manner of presentation is the ultimate test as far as maintenance is concerned …

But besides from these two show rooms, there is also the large show wharf where you can stroll around at your ease between the many antique building elements.  There is a separate show room for the old and aged mantelpieces, but also for the inside and outside doors.  The non frost resistant floors (such as terracotta) are obviously stored in a covered area, whilst others can be found packed in the outside area.  And of course the garden ornaments are exposed in open air.

Certainly worth mentioning are the nearly 50 exposition walls of the facing bricks.  Re-used and aged facing bricks are on display, mostly flushed in different colours and matching roof tiles.  Important detail is that these exposition walls are not inside but outside in natural daylight to give the most realistic view of the end result.

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