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Cast iron radiators

Modern decorative radiators may look attractive, but the beauty and reliability of cast iron radiators from bygone days cannot be surpassed.

Besides the aesthetic aspect of these nostalgic heating elements, these cast iron radiators still have many other advantages: they heat up gradually which makes sure that the pleasant radiation heat stays around for a long time and consumption stays low. This means that heat and comfort are assured.

Kempische Bouwmaterialen offers you a wide range of new cast iron radiators, which are reproductions of models from the 19th century and the start of the 20th century. The casting is done with the greatest precision and eye for detail. Motifs from yesteryear are taken into account as well as the contemporary requirements for comfort.

These new cast iron radiators can be made according to the customer’s wishes: the colour and format can be selected and the final finish is done in a RAL colour of the customer’s choice.

So, if desired the entire home can be equipped with the same radiators. Associated taps and glass feet can be obtained.


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