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Wall anchors and boot scrapers

Wall anchors

In former times wall anchors were used to attach the joists of the level beam layout to the facing of old houses and farms to protect the front wall against buckling.  After 1930 wall anchors were hardly used any more.

These days wall or ornamental anchors are only used for decorative reasons.  The pictured wall anchors below are all in stock.  However any type of wall anchor can be made at request of the customer.


boot scrapers

Boot scrapers used to be incorporated in the facing wall next to the front door so that, as the term suggests, shoes/boots could be “scraped” before entering the house.

Nowadays boot scrapers are again being worked into the facing in the same place as they used to be in bygone days.  Often the boot scraper is incorporated in an aged granite block, which is then integrated into the front wall.

Photo gallery Wall anchors and boot scrapers