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Old re-used bricks

Genuine old re-used bricks are expertly cleaned at our site. This is done manually so that every brick is checked item by item. Bricks that do not fulfil the necessary criteria are not placed on pallets and will therefore not reach the customer.

The greatest proof of the quality of these old re-used bricks is given by the ravages of time that they have withstood and the recovery processes that they underwent.

Critics sometimes claim – for diverse reasons – that old re-used bricks cannot match the quality of newly produced bricks.  However our knowledge and experience learn us that the quality of new as well as old (re-used) bricks can be certified as equal, despite the fact that re-used bricks are not conform the modern standards.

Of course it is important that you purchase the old re-used bricks at an experienced dealer who knows which stones are suitable for your project.

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