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Floors in natural stone

Natural stone is perhaps the best known recovered material among antique building materials. This material is too valuable to let it simply go to waste.

Every batch of natural stone is unique due to its natural colour variations and patterns. Natural stone gives a home a solid aura and the application options are endless: floors, thresholds, window sills, shower basins, washbasins, etc.

The natural stone floors are sorted by type so that customers can go exploring at their ease with or without assistance. Every type of floor can also be seen in its processed state in the showroom.

An alternative is the broad choice of aged natural stone floors.

Offer Floors in natural stone

  • Burgundian limestone

    Burgundian limestone

    Burgundian limestone are a weathered French natural stone.
    The colours vary from white – light beige - brown even up to grey blue.

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  • Bluestone


    Bluestone is also called Belgian fossil stone.
    Colour: blue/grey

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  • Leipzig limestone

    Leipzig limestone

    Leipzig limestone usually have a warm light beige to light brown shade.
    The floor tiles are usually straighter and more regular in shape.

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  • Old basecles

    Old basecles

    Formats depend on their origin.
    Colour: black, white or in draughtboard pattern

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  • Old marble

    Old marble

    There are always batches of old marble in stock, primarily light shades.

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